You are God’s Good Idea. In fact, everyone is.

You are God’s good idea. In fact, everything you see started out, not as a mistake or an afterthought, but as a specific and intentional act of creation by the Father, everything and everyone. That’s a transformative thought.

We just returned from our annual pastor and spouse retreat with the Covenant Church in Canada. And we were very blessed to have Steve Bell share both story and song during our time together. We both gleaned so much from this retreat, returning home refreshed and invigorated. Steve’s openhearted honesty and deep insight renewed my own heart and mind in many areas.

One was this truth that everyone we see, every inch of God’s world, is an expression of God’s good idea.gods-good-idea

Let that sink in.

Because it really changes things. We often judge something’s (or someone’s!) value based on how they are now, whether they’ve performed well or look good. But God, who is in the business of restoring the broken and redeeming the lost, is not fazed by what we’ve done or become–he knows what he is doing and longs to complete what he started. He knows what is most true about us: we are his good idea.

In spite of how screwed up we might be, what we’ve done or not done, said or not said, how we’ve lived or not lived, we are still God’s good idea, and if we could just get that, feel that, hear that, respond to that, life would change. Not only our own lives, but how we see others, how we respond to others, how we forgive and serve and pray.

So, why not let that idea seep down into your soul today? As you drive, as you work, as you listen and speak and pray, remember: everyone we see is God’s good idea. Everywhere we look, God’s good ideas are front and centre. God’s–not ours. And in grace and in love, we can treat ourselves and each other as we really are–people the Father dreamed up, folks the Father intensely loves and desires.

You are God’s good idea. And so is she. And he is, too. Just as the mountains, the elk, the poplars, the lakes are all God’s good ideas.

Can we live into that today?

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