What are we doing up there on Sunday? A conversation with young worship leaders

Can I let you in on a fun leadership conversation I had yesterday?

I enjoyed an hour with some young leaders, preparing to lead singing on Sunday during our worship gathering with the Erickson Covenant Church. It was so much fun, as anyone who’s worked with grade 5 girls knows! And yes, there was a lot of giggling! 🙂

When we were done practicing the songs, I asked them what we were doing up there on Sunday.

Their answer: “Worshiping Jesus.” Good answer.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because we love him. Because he loves us. Because he’s worth singing for.” Amazing answers.

preparing-to-lead-worship“What’s the other reason we are up there singing on Sunday?” I asked. They weren’t too sure. And I didn’t expect them to have an answer, because the question is a little trickier.

“We are up there helping other people worship Jesus, too.” Ahh, yes–you could see they got it. And then we went on to talk about what that means and how we don’t just get up and sing for ourselves–we sing and worship Jesus in a way that helps others do the same. As worship leaders, we have a responsibility to practice and prepare, and then lead and sing so that others will be drawn to give praise to the Father, also.

Which means we practice. Which means we make sure that everything we do points to Jesus and doesn’t draw attention to ourselves. Which means that we are conscious of our role as leaders even while we are singing.

The girls loved it. And so we teased out some more implications of what that might mean.

At the end, I asked: “But even with all of that in mind, what’s the most important thing we do to help others worship Jesus on Sunday?”

They knew the answer. “We worship Jesus. We sing our hearts out. We sing for him.”

Yep. Because at the end of the day, the climax of the song, or the close of the gathering, he’s the one we’ve been singing for all along. And he’s the one we’ll keep singing for through the week.

It’s a privilege to lead others in worship, and it’s an honor to lead with these young leaders.  And above all, to gather and worship the One who loves us.

I’m looking forward to Sunday.


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