The power of something tiny, in the hands of Jesus

From Jesus’ perspective, small holds incredible potential. From mustard seeds to little children, rag-tag fishermen to permeating yeast, the kingdom of his Father often lies hidden within something almost no one notices. A cup of cold water, an encouraging word, care given to stranger–all holding transformative potential, each seemingly tiny actions unnoticed by all.Helping

We often think that in order to be significant, we must do big things for God–that Jesus is only concerned about news worthy actions. But it’s just not true. Jesus cares about the little actions done for the least and the neglected, lived out in the everyday. He cares about the lonely hours a mother interacts with her toddler, the simple courtesies offered to a work-mate, the kindness given to a person whom everyone ignores. And somehow, even mysteriously, Jesus amplifies their effects, making tiny actions of generosity into mountain-moving, kingdom-forming exponentialities.

So don’t be thrown by the size of your life, how minuscule we feel as we faithfully love, serve and give within almost total obscurity. Jesus sees, and Jesus is creating a masterpiece in us and through us, taking our tiniest offerings and making his world beautiful again.





2 thoughts on “The power of something tiny, in the hands of Jesus”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that simple kindnesses can make a big difference. Even a smile can brighten someone’s day.
    Pass it forward. 🙂

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