Want to keep growing? Celebrate the growth that’s been happening!

Where are you growing?

In the last week, over the last month, during the last year.

Where are you feeling the stretch? (Image: Pixabay, Public Domain)

Growth: where’s it happening?

This can be a hard question, but step back and ask it: where are you feeling the most strrrrrrretchhhh? Yeah, that place.

  • Is it in an area of expanding skill? Learning guitar, computer animation, or how to build a team?
  • Are you growing your heart for a difficult person in your community?
  • Do you see good changes in your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits?
  • Have you been trusting God more with your everyday worries?
  • Have you hurdled personal barriers, such as quitting smoking, buttoning down gossip or quashing procrastination?
  • Are you becoming wiser in your financial choices?
  • Is there a fruit of the Spirit that has been growing larger in you?
Can you name where your growth is happening?

Often we don’t pause to notice the growth. Growth can be slow; we remain focused on areas still needing growth; we don’t want to admit that we are experiencing some success and jinx it. And we can end up marching past the beauty, missing the crocus’ poking through the snow.

Pixabay Free Images, Public Domain.

But we need to stop and notice. We need to turn around and breathe deep. We need to celebrate growth where it’s happening, even share that with a friend who will cheer us on (and not remind us of all the areas we still need to grow–at least not on that day!).

When we plant a garden or raise a calf, it’s always fun to celebrate growth as it’s happening. Go away for a week, and it seems like growth accelerates even more.  It’s such a hoot to look back at our kid’s pictures and marvel over their changes. Celebrate growth.

To keep growing, take time to notice where you have been growing. Celebrate that, be thankful for the grace and the courage that has taken you this far, as well as those who have supported you. Share that with others, so that we can all keep our vision up, our sights high, our hearts full and our minds determined, for the sake of continued growth.

  • Where have you been growing?
  • How will you celebrate that growth?