Interview Someone About Prayer: Day 22 of the Pray-May Challenge

On day 22 of our Pray-May Challenge, I want to change things up. Rather than asking you to pray a certain way or to focus on a particular subject, I want you to interview someone else about prayer.

We can learn so much from others, and yet prayer usually remains hidden from sight. As a result, we don’t even talk about it with each other, in spite of how helpful that would be for us.

So here’s the challenge: Identify a praying follower of Jesus, interview them, and then ask them to pray for you.

Learning from one another is one of the best ways to expand our practice of prayer.

A little advice on how to go about this: After identifying who to interview, explain your interest in growing your prayer life, perhaps mentioning this month-long challenge you’ve been trying (if that’s true), and ask them if they’d be willing to answer a few questions about prayer.

Here is a list of suggested interview questions. Feel free to add, subtract or edit these questions according to your own personal interests. Make sure to jot notes as the person is speaking, after asking permission to do so. Tell them you want to be able to remember what they have shared so you can reflect on them later.

Prayer Interview Questions:
  1. Can you tell me a little about your prayer life?
  2. Why is prayer important to you?
  3. What role does Scripture play in your conversations with God?
  4. Can you describe some of the particulars of how you pray (position, place, time, how long, methods, etc)? (Explain that you are trying to get a sense of practical ways you can expand your practice of prayer.)
  5. Who has been most influential to your prayer life? (Who taught you to pray or modeled prayer for you?)
  6. Can you share a story of a time when God answered your prayers?
  7. Likewise, can you tell me about a time when your prayers were not answered in the way you had hoped they would be?
  8. What has been the most difficult aspect of prayer for you?
  9. Why do you love praying?
  10. Can you give me your best advice for growing in conversation with God?

When you are done your interview, ask them if they would be willing to pray for you. Share with them an aspect of prayer that you are struggling with or trying to grow in, and ask them to pray for your relationship with God.

And as you finish, share one particular thing that really encouraged you, and thank them for their kindness and candor. 

A couple practical things: 

  • Even though we’ve been posting daily challenges, this may take you a few days to complete, with schedules and such. No problem–just try to do it this week.
  • This interview would be best if conducted in person, though it could be done through Skype, FaceTime, the phone, or even through email (though I’d really try to do it live and face-to-face, if at all possible).
Taking notes will help you reflect on what you’ve heard later.

After you have conducted this interview, I highly recommend that you spend a little time reflecting on what they shared with you.

  • What was the most encouraging thing they said?
  • What was the most challenging for you?
  • What did you learn?
  • What surprised you?
  • How has this grown your appreciation for prayer?
I would love to hear about what you learned. Do share in the comments below, even if you have to come back to this post a few days from now.

My prayer for you today, and as you conduct a prayer interview: Holy Spirit, guide us to praying children of yours, from whom we can learn more about following you. Open up this conversation, and enable us to speak and to listen, for the benefit and growth of each other in you. And may we learn together more of what it means to be in meaningful, life-giving conversation with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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