Your Tuesday Challenge: Notice and Share Beauty

We live in a world both broken and beautiful. And yet, we are often so busy, moving at such a pace, that we have difficulty seeing either. We rush past both excruciating pain and exquisite wonder, on our way to somewhere else.

Today, deliberately notice the beauty around you. The form of the human face, the wonder of the mountains, the colors of the fall, the shape of this or that object, the surprising or the mundane. Beauty is everywhere, even in unlikely places.

Photo: Ethan Greentree (Instagram _sirethan_)

Notice it today. Momentarily pause, even for just 3 heartbeats, to wonder at the beauty before you, offered as a gift to you from the Creator. Drink it in, see it.

And then, intentionally, share with someone.  Not just everyone, but someone. The temptation (and the easiest route) will be to simply Instagram or Facebook it, and that is great. (Do it!) But I want to challenge you to pick someone, in particular, to show what you noticed. Send them a personal message with the picture, stop them on the street or even drop by to tell them about it. Describe what you saw and why you wanted to share it with them.

Photo: Tennille Greentree

Beauty is all around us. Let’s attend to it today. And let’s share it with someone else. Beauty being shared–isn’t that something we all need, something this world needs?