Praying for our educators

I’ll be short and concise: We need to pray for those who educate kids. 

So, the next time you drop your kids off, drive by a school, or see a homeschooler post on Instagram, pray for the people who are working hard, every day, to nurture the wonder, delight and knowledge in our students.  Their commitment to kids, their long hours of planning, their daily routine dedicated to inspiring the minds and hearts of our littlest to our largest is worthy of our focused and consistent prayers. What they do really matters.students

For every person who spends their days inspiring our young people to grow, learn and become all they were created to be, we thank you. And we pray for you.

For teachers in our schools–may you be given the insight and grace to love each kid that comes through your doors. May you have to courage to teach from the heart, inspiring them with how you live and teach as much as with what you say.

For principals who lead their learning communities–may you be given wisdom to provide both stability and challenge, to create and support a culture of learning and wonder and service. You’ve got a hard job, and we are thankful you are serving so many others.

For home educators who teach their own, whether that be kids or grand-kids or step-kids–you’ve taken on something others often fear. May you be inspired this year with a vision for your kids, and in the midst of the chaos, may you see your own relationship with your kids flourish as the light of knowledge and the wisdom of Jesus grows in their minds and minds.

For coaches and drama teachers and club sponsors and tutors–may you be blessed for your extra gift of time and energy so our kids can express who they are in unique and powerful ways. You are often giving beyond your daily strength, and may you get back more than you give out.

For support staff, who are present and enabling the whole student experience to work in smooth and meaningful ways–may you be given the gift of seeing how your work is essential to the whole and how your contribution creates environments where students can flourish.

For parents everywhere–may you be given a deep love for your kids, wherever they are in this journey toward adulthood. May you be granted courage to lead them, passion to inspire them, strength to challenge them and grace to make every opportunity in these precious years to see your kids grow up into the purpose and passion that God has for them.

Let’s keep them in our prayers.

2 thoughts on “Praying for our educators”

  1. I appreciate you encouraging prayers for all areas of the education system. I was especially happy to see support staff on your list. So often we forget the crucial part they play.

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