Praying for Mothers (when it’s good and when it’s tough): Day 14 of the Pray-May Challenge

Who would we be without mothers? Even if we’ve had a challenging relationship with our own mothers, we recognize how significant mothers are.

On Day 14 of our Pray-May Challenge, I invite you to pray for mothers. Let’s keep it simple today: Moms need prayer.

I’ve tried to cover as many aspects of mothering as I could think of. If I missed someone, please do pray for them.

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  1. Pray for those who gave us birth and raised us. Be thankful, and give praise to God for what they poured into our lives.
  2. Pray for those who have struggled to be mothers. Infertility, miscarriages, difficulties having biological children is a very real hurt that many carry. Pray for grieving all those over a lost motherhood, especially today when being a mother is so celebrated.
  3. Pray for our spiritual mothers. For all those who have nurtured us, helped us, comforted us and protected us, standing in the role of mother for our souls.
  4. Pray for those who don’t have a mother, for whatever reason. May they discover mothers who care for them in their communities and churches.
  5. Pray for those who have a broken relationship with their mothers–for restoration, healing and forgiveness.
  6. Pray for the forgotten mothers, who (for whatever reason) are not being cared for or are not very connected with their children.
  7. Pray for adoptive mothers, that they may continue to be the gracious images of the God who adopted us.
  8. Pray for step-moms, who find themselves often caught, and are sometimes mothering in less-than-ideal circumstances.
  9. Pray for aunts and single women and good friends who become moms in the lives of other kids, filling in a crucial role of care within whole or less-than-whole family systems.
  10. Pray for the hurting moms, who are watching their prodigals make life choices that are harming them.
  11. Pray for grieving moms, who have lost kids through death, miscarriage, custody battles or any other form of tragedy.
  12. Pray for moms who struggle with depression, anxiety or other forms of mental illness. There are many, and we want to pray for them as they continue to be the best moms they can be in the midst of struggles.
  13. Pray for single moms, who are holding so many things together for their kids and being awesome moms with fewer resources.
  14. Pray for any mothers that come to your mind and heart–perhaps a neighbour or a friend who could really use your prayer today.

Here on Mother’s Day, “motherhood” can be both cause of celebration and experience of loss. So, yes, let’s joyfully give thanks for our mothers, and honestly acknowledge those who hurt today, all with a deep sense of God’s mothering care for all of us. 

My prayer for moms: God, who is our Father and yet mothers us with such a maternal love, we thank you for moms. Thank you for mothers who have loved us and nurtured us! They are a sign of your grace. And for all those mothers who struggle today, for all those who are hurting without the mothers they needed, we ask for your grace and healing and motherly love to flow into all of our lives. Help us to celebrate the gift of mothers, and turn our hearts to you, who cares for us as only a true mother can.  In the name of your Son we pray. Amen. 

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