One Thing That Helps When You’re Busy

Are there times when you feel so busy that you forget who you are?

We all live at an intense pace. We have more on our plates than we should, we juggle far more than is graceful, we are pulled by live demands incessantly.

How in the world do we not lose ourselves in the muddle of it all?

We need to stop. Try this: next time you feel overwhelmed or frazzled, just stop.breathe_by_sibayak

Simply stop.

Do it at the store.

Try it in a parking lot.

Or at a street corner.

On a long drive? Stop along the way and take a moment to breathe. Will you really arrive later? Will it matter?

What is at stake if you don’t periodically stop? You. You are at stake. We can be going so fast that this day–this irreplaceable day–though filled with sacred moments of beautiful noticings, can pass unreceived. And we lose something of ourselves in the passing.

Take a moment to breathe, deeply, and simply be where you are. Be who you are. Stop to simply be.

We run to get something, to go somewhere, to be something.  We change hats so many times in a day we forget whether we are, at that moment, soccer coaches, moms, managers, brothers, plumbers or physios.

Somehow, we need to stop. Even for a moment.

Stop and breathe.

Stop and see.

Stop and be.

What has helped you when you are feeling lost in busyness?

Where have you created moments to stop and be?

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