Get Ready: Someone Needs You Today

Okay, so you might already know this, but today you’re going to run into someone who needs you.  I’m not prescient–it happens every day.

They might need your help with a project, they might need your listening ear, they might just need your attention. They might need you to drive them somewhere. They might need your prayers. And yes, they might need you for longer than you’d hoped.

Will you be ready for them? Ready to receive? Ready to listen? Ready to pray, or serve, or smile?

Ready to take some time, letting their needs interrupt your needs–your need for space, your need to get where you were going, your need for privacy?

helpingWe are called to live in a way that imitates Jesus, to value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” (Philippians 2:3a-4)  I can’t think of how this “looking to the interests of others” over our own won’t somehow interrupt our own agendas or plans–seems kind of part and parcel to the whole thing. So, the question is, can we be ready for it? Can we tune our hearts in anticipation?  I think we can.

And one way we do that by asking the Holy Spirit, as we begin our day, to help us be ready for what he brings to us.

Here’s a prayer for us today: Holy Spirit, make me ready to receive whomever you send to me today, loving them with the grace you’ve given me, caring for them without pretense and without patronizing them. Help me to be open-hearted and available, patient and kind. Help me to see who you see. And may others see your love through me. 

Ok, are you ready now? On with the day. People are waiting.


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