Day 1 of the 31 Day Pray-May Challenge: Start by Getting Thankful to God for Prayer

Could your prayer life use a boost? With spring emerging from winter, would you like to experience some of that new growth within your very own conversations with God? I invite you to join me for the month of May for a daily prayer challenge.

Here’s how it’ll work. Over May, I’m going to focus on a prayer practice each day, posting a short description of that practice to include in your own daily prayer. Some will be as simple as making a quick list or praying for someone in particular, while others will include learning a new way of praying, or even praying with others. Each day, we will have an opportunity to grow in our conversations with God.

Are you willing to join in? Sign up for updates and have these prayer practices delivered to your inbox so you don’t miss a day. Share what you are learning in the comment section so we can all grow together. But above all, let’s integrate these daily practices to experience spring growth in our relationship with God.

Okay, let’s jump into Day 1 of the Pray-May Challenge:

Step one: Brainstorm a list of why you pray.

As we get started this month, let’s remember why we pray in the first place. Get a blank sheet of paper, pull out a napkin, or open a fresh word doc, and begin listing why you pray in the first place.

Give it the title “Why I Pray”, either at a centre “mind map” style or at the top of the pageAnd then just start detailing all the reasons. Don’t worry about getting it all right–just try and get it all down. Your reasons will range from the very practical (it gives me peace; I have needs) to the biblical (God commands us to pray) to the theological (we enter the conversation of the Son and the Father by the Holy Spirit) to the gut level honest (I’m afraid not to).  While our lists would have some cross-over, of course, there will be reasons you list that I don’t, and vice versa. But I encourage you to write down as many things as come to your mind, and be as honest as you can be.

So make that list–spend at least 5 minutes brainstorming every reason you can think for why you pray.

Step two: Thank God for his availability and care, based upon the reasons you’ve identified.

Now let this list form into a prayer to God, and get grateful. We have an amazing Father, present to us, his children, and attentive to our needs. Let’s start this month by saying “thank you” to God for being that kind of God–the God who listens and speaks and cares–which we can easily take for granted, forgetting how amazing it is that he would want to hear us.  If you’ve identified things on your list that bother you, then be honest about them to God, and be okay with that honesty (God can handle it!). But above all, thank God for his openness to us and his desire to hear his children speak, as well as to let us listen.

That’s day 1. Simple, eh? And that’s how we’ll roll this month, with each day adding to or rounding out our experience of prayer with practical suggestions.

I look forward to growing along with you as we pray through May.

Do you know someone who would benefit from this as you will? Share it with them and do it together. The more, the merrier, as you well know.

Let’s Pray May, and grow into spring.



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